Monday, December 22, 2008


Truth, what is truth? Some say that truth is what you make it, what you believe or what is made known to you through your personal experience's. Is truth that which changes your life? or is truth that which remains the same despite you, your life or your situation? The Bible says that Jesus is the way, the "truth", and the life. In fact Jesus Himself made this statement, showing us that He is the one that remains the same throughout all times, seasons & situations. If this is true, why is there so many telling lies in His name? Selling His message on these christian infomercial's, buy my book & I'll show you how to get rich, liars! This has to be wrong, His message has gotten so misconscrewed its hard to tell what is true & what's not, I pray for guidance & that God would unveil His message of truth to all..